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Internationalisation is the expansion of a company's economic activities to other regions and states. Experience shows us that multinational companies often achieve far higher profits and margins than companies operating nationally. This can also be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
We support SMEs with practice-oriented measures - simply and with a clear goal: to quickly achieve initial sales abroad. We achieve this through intensive cooperation with partners in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. Another success factor is our proximity to the companies themselves. This is how we support you in the initial phase as well as in building up a long-term foreign business.

Marketing - Customer acquisition

We support you in customer acquisition! Thanks to digitalisation and automation of acquisition, you can easily gain access to new markets. We show you how it works: Email, landing page, phone calls and appointments.
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We are happy to put our specialists at your disposal for the development of PR and communication measures. Our team writes PR texts for you and provides you with contacts to key magazines and publishers. The influencer team places your products in the world of digital media. We also send sample packages to publishers and editors. We measure our work on the basis of publications.

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